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Like a pizza topped with feta cheese and African spices, I’m a cultural mix. My Italian father and Greek mother met in Khartoum, Sudan, and that’s where I spent the first eight years of my life. By the way, I never put feta cheese on my pizza but I love it spicy.

We then moved to Rome, where I grew up and completed my studies. By that time, I was splitting my time between three countries: Italy, Greece and Sudan. So, from a young age, I felt an urgent need to preserve the vivid memories I was collecting, in a more permanent form. And I found this in photography.

Just as I started studying photography, my brother relocated to New York City. On my frequent visits there, I spent long days and nights capturing analogue images of a deeply diverse metropolis that I found endlessly fascinating. 

So, I guess it’s no coincidence that Irving Penn and Richard Avedon inspired my foray into fashion photography. Ansel Adams taught me how to perfect my landscape photography skills.

With a technical grounding in large format cameras, my career kicked off with product photography for advertising firms. Fashion magazines came next, with medium format cameras proving my favourite modus operandi. I chose the same format for landscapes. For fashion shows, I shot with 35mm. 

When I relocated to Athens, my main focus was collaborations with fashion and lifestyle magazines. After two decades in fashion, my focus shifted to travel, hotel and lifestyle brand photography. I was among the first to bring pet photography to Greece and worked as chief photographer for a very successful Athens-based pet magazine.

Today, when I’m not travelling, I’m based in Athens, Greece. I shoot travel destinations and experiences, hotels, resorts and villas, yachting and lifestyle brands, portraits, editorial and commercial projects. 


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